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World Stats, time clocks, life clock, and calendar - Each minute 250 new babies will be born, 100 people will die, 20 violent crimes will be committed, and the US debt will rise $1 million. The world keeps spinning and the clock keeps ticking.
Poodwaddle is dedicated to time, date, and world events. See the world population, death rates by causes, crime rates, and many more world stats. Find the time anywhere in the world, we list every city, town, lake, and mountain.
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Every minute
267 people will be born
109 will die.

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Einstein called time a river. It speeds up, slows down, and meanders around the stars. In a fatalistic sense, the river takes us where it wants our lives to go. We can not escape it. We are along for the ride. We are captives of time.

Einstein theorized that time is relative to velocity (and he has been proven correct). The faster one travels, the slower time moves - at least when measured by a stationary observer. But also gravity affects time, it slows time down (gravitational time dilation). Did you know: Time on the moon runs faster because of low gravity. A clock on Jupiter ticks more slowly. The clocks on GPS satellites have to be adjusted for time deviation. Your head, being slightly farther from the earth's gravity, ages more quickly than your feet. By the time you die your head will be a few hundred billionths of a second older than your toes. Time is captivating. We at Poodwaddle are obsessed with it.

Are You SupermanYou are much, MUCH faster than you know. Superman would be jealous. Wait...take off those glasses. Are you... Population CeilingThe world population is growing, but gradually it is projected to stabilize. Counting the WorldA riddle: If everyone on earth lined up and marched past you, how long would it take to count them all? Can you guess?