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Poodwaddle is the source of the World Clock, Life Clock, free Flash games, and many other amazing and fun Flash applets and gadgets, all of which are freeware. Poodwaddle requires no sign-up or membership. Add our applets to your website, blog, or social net profile. Simply copy the small embed code snippet to your website. Hey! are you even reading this? I bet you are just sitting there blankly staring at the ladybug and wondering if you should slap your screen. Slap if you like but he won't go away.
The word "poodwaddle" comes from a friend who, when he could not think of the right word, would say "poodwaddle". Thus the word is sort of an educated interjection... sounds a lot smarter than saying "um" and can substitute for so many words. Thanks Tom, I feel smarter already.