Poodwaddle Earth Clock/Global Warming

This February global average temperature jumped to .83°C above average (1981-2010 February average) according to UAH satellite data. This tops previous highs in 1998 and 2010.
The IPCC created several global warming scenarios, projections based on human behaviors. In their best case scenario the world population growth slows, economies shift priorities, and the world unites to battle environmental issues. They project that if all this happens then the global temperature will rise about 1.8°C in one century. Worst case scenario - the temperature rises 4°. The temperature rise thus far this century is below expectations.
Many computer models were constructed to simulate climate change. Most forecasted higher rates of change than have occurred. Were they wrong? Did they miscalculate the effects of CO2? Or is the planet about to make a huge correction back onto the projected path to doom?
We rely on UAH satellite lower atmosphere temperature readings and we use CO2 reports from NASA.