Poodwaddle Earth Clock/Deforestation

Over 3 million hectares (8 million acres) of forest disappear each year. There are less than 4 billion hectares (less than 10 billion acres) remaining.
Deforestation is a complex problem, but one with real world solutions. Already the developed world has taken encouraging steps to curb it's own abuse of forest land. Net deforestation has dropped dramatically this past decade. North America, Europe, and Asia have growing forest areas. But South America alone loses 2 million hectares of precious rain forest every year, and Africa cuts down nearly 3 million. The developed world can not grow enough forest to offset this. It is a complex world. We can solve the problems in our own house but how can we solve the issues of our neighbors? Should the world demand that Brazil imprison poor farmers who cut down the rain forest to grow their crops? Should the world provide fossil fuels to poor villagers in Africa so that they stop burning wood? Solutions are not so easy to find.