Poodwaddle Earth Clock / Extinction Clock

Perhaps the saddest consequence of human expansion and behavior is the price that other species pay. So many amazing creatures have disappeared already and others are near extinction. What would the world be like without Tigers or the Giant Panda?
Extinction has got to be the second saddest word - right behind genocide. It is an ugly word, an enormous word - the end of an entire world. But it is also a personal word. It is the tragic death of individuals, the end of so many stories.
World Clock endangered species stats come from the World Wildlife Fund (and other sources) which has tackled the challenging task of counting endangered species. It is a difficult and time consuming job since most creatures do not fill out census forms.
Extinctions are very roughly estimated because nobody knows exactly how many species exist on earth. And, of course, nobody knows how many of the unknown species are disappearing each year. Scientists guess that extinctions are between a few hundred and a few hundred thousand. We chose a conservative figure of 10,000 extinctions per year.