Poodwaddle Earth Clock / Pollution Clock

14 billion lbs of garbage is dumped into the sea each year and aprox 100 million animals die from pollution.
Pollution is like homelessness. Strange analogy perhaps, but hear me out. The poor and the homeless wander the streets and sleep in the parks. Some people turn up their noses. They are offended at the shabby sight and smell. They don't care about the plight of the homeless, they just don't want to see them. So they pass regulations to have them shoveled off somewhere else, "doesn't matter where, just not here".
Others want the glory - the activists and celebs. They fly off to Cancun for multi-million dollar conventions to talk about the homeless problem. They give long, boring speeches and photo ops. They plead for other people to give money and congratulate each other for doing their part.
Then there is you and me, giving a sandwich or a blanket, picking up the litter, silently, without praise, just trying to do what is right.